FRASER RIVER: Good for sturgeon-mandatory and voluntary closure areas for sturgeon fishing ended on July 31 2019. Best baits are pikeminnows, lampreys, roe, and salmon parts.There is no word yet from DFO on any salmon openings.

CHILLIWACK/VEDDER RIVER: Still a few red chinooks in the upper river -Tamahi to Slesse creek. Best baits are roe, wool, jigs and colorados. Coho, white chinook, hopefully by last week in August. Also some pinks but no info yet on retention for them.

CHEHALIS RIVER: Fishing for red chinook has been good but starting to decline now as fish enter hatchery and upper canyon.Best baits are roe, wool, colorados, and jigs.Slow for summer steelhead due to hatchery program cancellation last year.

LOCAL LAKES: Most local lakes are quite slow due to hot weather. One exception is Kawkawa lake in Hope where good numbers of kokanee to 16” are still being taken. Still fishing from an anchored boat, fishing at 25-38 feet using dyed krill, deli shrimp, or small pieces of cured roe seems to work well. Also trolling at 30-35 feet with small flashers trailed by “kokanee seekers” tipped with fire corn . Cultus lake great for kids fishing for pikeminnows or smallmouth bass. Worms on a float or drop shotted with a small sliding sinker fished close to the bottom in 6-15 feet of water works well for both species.

INTERIOR LAKES: Most lower elevation lakes are in the summer doldrums at this time due to warmer temperatures and algae blooms. However there are some bomber chironomid hatches starting at Tunkwa lake now with fish to 4 lbs being taken. Stump lake and Jocko lake also giving up rainbow 2-4 lbs on the fly. Some higher elevation lakes over 4000 feet still fishing well using caddis , chironomids, or leeches.