Chilliwack/Vedder river-cooling water and cold air temperatures making catching steelhead a real challenge the last few days. Try using smaller baits and somewhat lighter leaders(8-10 lb) to increase your chances of success.Very few fresh fish moving in until river warms up with some rain but still the odd fish around. Try shrimp, roe or egg sacs, jensen eggs, soft beads, trout beads, small colorado spinners , jigs, and small rubber worms for a chance at success.

Chehalis river-river is very low and clear and most fish in the canyon area. Will not be worth fishing until river comes up with the next heavy rain.

Harrison river-producing cutthroat and whitefish when conditions allow you to fish.Try using single salmon eggs,worms,krill or small stonefly immitations. Still a few sturgeon in the deeper holes-best baits are roe, oolichans, or lampreys.

Fraser river-some good cutthroat , whitefish, and bull trout fishing when weather conditions are favourable. Fish backwaters or slow water in mainstem and watch for moving fish. Best baits are krill,worms , small pieces of roe or single salmon eggs. Also try casting small crocodiles(1/16 to 1/8th oz) or flyfish with black micro leeches or stonefly nymphs. Sturgeon fishing has been okay on nice days when wind not blowing. Best bets are roe, oolichans, lampreys, and dew worms.

Local Lakes-done for fishing until warmer temperatures return.

Interior lakes- ice fishing has been good in the Kamloops / Merritt area lakes with catches of rainbow , brook trout , and some kokanee. Best baits are wood worms, meal worms, krill, salmon eggs , deli shrimp, dew worms and small jigs.

CHILLIWACK DART AND TACKLE has all your hunting and fishing needs and most updated info on fishing the local areas.Sign up in our annual steelhead derby which ends on March 31 2019. Derby leader is Matt Moisley with a 12lb 7 oz buck followed by Justin Dyer’s 12lb 4oz doe and Greg Plotnikoff’s12 lb 1 oz doe.

Fishing Report June 2018


CHILLIWACK/VEDDER RIVER-now closed and will re-open July 1 st for chinook salmon and hatchery rainbow trout.The daily limit for chinook salmon is 1 over 62 cm and 3 under 62cm and the limit for hatchery rainbow trout is 4 / day under 50cm with no minimum size limit.

CHEHALIS RIVER- now open for chinook and hatchery summerrun steelhead. Daily limit for chinook is the same as the Chilliwack/Vedder and you are allowed 1 hatchery steelhead / day. Best baits /lures are roe, roe bags, prawns, jigs and spoons.

FRASER RIVER-the water level is dropping daily and sturgeon fishing is coming on strong.Best baits are lampreys, oolichans, pikeminnows, roe, and worms.please go online to check the sturgeon spawning area closures.NO FISHING FOR SALMON AT THIS TIME !

INTERIOR LAKES-all interior lakes are now ice free. Low and mid elevation lakes are fishing well on chironomids, leeches, mayflys,caddis and shrimp. High elevation lakes are starting to fish as well but will be better in the next 2-3 weeks. Kamloops lakes such as Red, Stump, Peterhope, Edith, Pass, Tunkwa and Leighton are all fishing well. Merritt lakes such as Kane Valley lakes, Pike Mountain lakes, Lundbom, Boss, Davis and Shea are also fishing very good.

LOCAL LAKES-most of the smaller east and west Harrison lakes such as Grace, Wolf, Weaver, Lookout,Sunrise,Francis , Trout, Deer, Hick's and Stacey all producing good catches of small rainbow and cutthroat.Jones (Wahleach) lake good for rainbow and large cutthroat to 3 pounds.Both Cultus and Chilliwack lake producing cutthroat to 3lbs and bull trout to 8lbs. Kawkawa lake giving up some nice Kokanee to 1 1/2 lbs trolling at 25-35 feet and bottom fishing with krill at 38-45 feet.


Fishing Report May 2018


Chilliwack/Vedder-River is now closed upstream of the Vedder bridge and will re-open July 1st for chinook and hatchery rainbow.Downstream of Vedder bridge open May 1-31st for fly fishing only and closed June 1-30th re-opening July 1st . Opportunities for fly fishing steelhead and trout are available now.

Chehalis River-Closed May1-31st reopens June 1st for chinook and summer run steelhead

Harrison River- River is rising quickly due to spring freshet but still some good opportunities for cutthroat fishing with small spoons and spinners or fly fishing with minnow patterns. Try fishing close to structure or close to shore and also near floating debris in the river as fry tend to use this for cover to hide from predators.Small spoons such as Hildebrants, Crocodiles , or Rooster tail spinners are your best bets.

Fraser River-The river is now in full freshet and rising daily.Lots of debris and swift water make anchoring tough also keeping your bait on the bottom can be a challenge.Try fishing off the main current and you may be ables to avoid some of the "floatsum and jetsum ". Baits such as roe balls, eulachons, and lamprey eel are your best bets . We have lots of awesome bait available at the shop!

Local lakes-West Harrison Lakes such as Weaver, Grace, Wolf, Wood, Francis, Lookout, and Sunrise and East Harrison lakes such as Trout, Hicks, and Deer are all fishing well for cutthroat and rainbow trout. Fly fishing with small chironomids , leeches, wooly buggers, and halfbacks are you best bets. Bait fishing with krill, single eggs , and worms are all working well. Jones lake (wahleach) is also producing rainbow and cutthroat trout up to 3 pounds using various fly patters and bait. Cultas lake is now putting out Bull trout and Cutthroat trout , fishing early mornings using minnow imitation lures and flys . Kawkawa Lake in Hope BC is still putting out a few Kokanee and Cutthroat trolling at 25-30 feet. Kokanee fishing will heat up again around the end of May when the fish head back to the bottom of the lake for summer.

Interior BC lakes- Many lakes coming ice free weekly, providing more and more opportunity for fishermen and fisherwomen in the Meritt/Kamloops area. Tunkwa, Leighton, Red, Stump, Peterhope, Roche, Morgan, Six Mile, Courtenay, Lundbom, Marquart, and Kane valley lakes just to name a few are now ice free and producing fish. Some lakes have already turned over and some still in the process, which usually lasts for 7-10 days. You may have to do some scouting around to find which lake is hot!  Small Chironomids, and micro leeches have been the ticket so far this spring. Just a word of caution that some of the backroads have washouts due to snowmelt and most have no signage so use your better judgement when travelling on these roads.

Good Luck and Have fun out there !

Your crew at Chilliwack Dart and Tackle

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